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I’ve taken a couple of days to really think about what we have been able to do here at Feed The Kids – Columbus over the last 12 weeks (3/13-6/7/2020) and it’s completely mind blowing. With the helps of so many selfless individuals, businesses, and groups (like all of you) we were able to provide 6,805 bags of food OR 68,050 MEALS!! Did you guys hear that!

68,050 MEALS!!! WOW

In times like these that are very hard for so many reasons I think it’s so important to not loose site of the kindness that we have all displayed and have within our hearts. My hope is that you are able to channel good work like this and know that we as a society are capable of working together to improve the quality of life not only for others but for ourselves too. #kindnessisntcancelled

THANK YOU from the bottom of our filled up hearts. 

Over the remaining weeks this summer I am going to continue to help in a few ways. If you are interested in staying connected and continuing to serve others please feel free to reach out 😊

  1. I plan to formalize FTK’s into a Non-Profit Organization to help secure more funding for our next big give (if you have any experience with this please let me know. I want to learn from others and do this as best as it possibly can be done).
  2. I’ll be making PB&J Sandwiches to supply to some of our partners each week to help continue to feed children in need over the summer weeks. This is such an easy and simple task and one that can be done for very little money. This is also something that even little kiddos can help to do. You make the sandwiches and I’ll find a belly for them. Or if you’d like to supply PB & J I will gladly make the sandwiches for you!
  3. Brown Bag Lunch Program is seeking volunteers to delivery weekly blessing boxes on Wednesday’s (late morning) throughout the summer. Contact Denise Gorden

Business Sponsors:PropelloLifePälishPeace and Pine DesignsRotobreaksOhio LabelPURE YouthSahara-ColumbusMcAlister’s Deli – Columbus, OHCelebake with AshaCascata Gifts

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