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Host a FTK House Party!

Are you inspired by Feed the Kids Columbus? Have you been looking for a fun way to spread the word about Feed the Kids Columbus and raise dollars to buy food for hungry kids? If so, consider hosting a Feed the Kids Columbus House Party!

What is a Feed the Kids Columbus House Party?

A small gathering in your home or venue of your choice where you can invite your friends and family to learn more about and support Feed the Kids Columbus.

How do I plan a Feed the Kids Columbus House Party?

Planning a Feed the Kids Columbus House Party is super simple!

  1. Fill out this form:
  2. Pick a date and venue
  3. Plan your guest list
  4. Determine a fundraising goal for your event (Feed the Kids Columbus suggests a goal of $1,000 for a typical party of 20 people)
  5. Send out your invitations
  6. Plan your menu (i.e., wine and charcuterie, tacos and margs, etc.)
  7. Craft you story! Why do you care about Feed the Kids Columbus? What made you want to get involved? Why are you passionate about ensuring hungry kids in central Ohio have access to food over school breaks? Be sure to craft your why to be able to share with your guests why you support Feed the Kids Columbus and be ready to ask them to join you in supporting Feed the Kids Columbus
  8. Don’t forget to take photos at your event to share on your personal and Feed the Kids Columbus’ social media pages!

How will Feed the Kids Columbus support my event?

Feed the Kids Columbus will support your house party by providing:

  • Logo file to add to event invitations and décor
  • Flier with QR code to allow guests to directly donate to Feed the Kids Columbus
  • FAQ sheet with current impact numbers (i.e., how many kids being served, overview of programs, how many meals served, etc.)
  • A report that outlines how much money was raised for Feed the Kids Columbus by event attendees after the event

To learn more about Feed the Kids Columbus House Parties or to ask questions, contact Erin Stitzel.

To plan your Feed the Kids Columbus House Party, click here: